How To overcome abuse be happy 😊

Ok.   I don’t know who’s out there but this is the start of my journey with you and although I’m alone right now I know there’s more people out there so I can’t wait for you to join me and go forward with me to the road of recovery.    It’s quite apt that I should talk about roads/and paths because in each of us we have to chose subconsciously which direction we go in and by taking those footsteps we set off on the road/path of recovery.   We may look for signs along the way, for directions and even ask people we don’t even know what direction we should take and even though meeting them on this one encounter we trust their judgment in telling us where to go.   This pretty much sums up life.  Do we go up or down around in circles up and down hill.   My life has been an emotional rollercoaster and I guess many of you may feel that way too.  I’ll be sharing with you over the months how my life had gone down many roads and paths to bring me where  I am today.

My last thought of inspiration for you: what ever place your in there is a better life and way just be strong and hold on.

Speak tomorrow x

Author: howtoovercomeabuse

Born survivor and survivor advocate

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